16 March 2014

Strawberry blouse (forever).

I had to make one more... it's just like the marine one I made before.

14 March 2014

The eagle (Adler) has landed!

Can't. Wait.
I've been ill for a week now, only have energy to stare at this handsome piece of metal from my bed and study the 62 years old manual... This love is gonna be serious.

10 March 2014

Leather wet forming experiment - vol. I

To broaden my creative horizons, I decided to try my luck with turning leather into 3D masterpieces that I´ll later turn into unique bags...
Because cowhide leather is quite expensive, I bought a few cowhide rests at my local leather store first - to see if I can manage the technique at all. This is my very first attempt, and I think it went quite well - so I´m encouraged to buy a big leather piece now and come up with the right pattern for my future favorite bag :) Any ideas?